Students learn about drones in Tioga

Student with drone
By Gurajpal Sangha; 

Tioga, North Dakota is already known as the “Oil Capitol of North Dakota.” But City Leaders are also hoping, it can be called the Drone Capitol of North Dakota.

Today the city kicked off its two day Drone Camp for kids. 75 students came from all across North Dakota and some even came from Montana. The camp is free for students between grades nine through 12.

Today students saw drone demonstrations, listened to speakers and watched films about what drones are used for. The city partnered up with Tioga High School for this event. While the kids learned about drones, the parents participated in activities downtown such as golf, feature films, and street dances.

“While other communities might be interested in agriculture or oil. Tioga is trying to move forward and be interested in the 21st century and teaching those kids the skills that they need make it into the 21st Century as successful adults,” said Dennis Lindahl, Tioga Drone Camp.

Tomorrow, students will be able to fly the drones and will received their own personal set.

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