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Engineering campers learn about drone technology at UNH

Student flying drone
 Engineering campers to learn about drone technology at UNH (7/26/16)

NORWALK – NORWALK – Engineering campers to learn about drone technology at UNH. High school students came together at the University of New Haven Tuesday to learn how to build the next generation of drones.

Students from Fairfield, New Canaan, Woodbridge and Trumbull used the latest 3D design software that Sikorsky and Boeing use in their aircraft.

The students are part of the TEAM Engineering UNH camp.

Over the course of two weeks, the students are put into teams to give them an authentic experience of the collaborative engineering process used in the workforce. As a team, they are introduced to the design and manufacturing of complex systems.

“All technology and all the future is just problems waiting to be solved,” said Foran High School sophomore and camp team member Sam Steignbigel.

Original article can be found  HERE.


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